Patrick Buchana listed on Forbes’ top 30 young African talents

AC Group Chief Executive Officer has been listed among top 30 young African talents by Forbes Afrique, a Francophone monthly publication which covers African economic news and its actors.

In its October edition, the Paris publication, with a presence in 23 French-speaking countries in Africa and other continents, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, featured top 30 young African talents who have a significant economic impact on the continent.

Buchana founded the company in 2015, and over recent years steered it to become a leading provider of smart and interactive IT solutions in Rwanda and beyond.

The firm partnered with the Government and bus operators to put in place Tap&Go system to enhance the smart cities agenda in Rwanda and has since established a presence in Yaoundé, Cameroon and is set to debut in Nairobi before the end of the year.

The firm facilitates smart transport by digitising public transport payments that enable passengers to board public buses without using hard cash but rather smart cards.

The firm’s technology has revolutionised city transport eliminating the need for cash which often leads to theft, queues, among other challenges, in Kigali and Yaoundé.

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